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Peter Johnson

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Clearview SA 5085




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I first started cajoling clay straight out of high school, landing a job throwing planters at the legendary Bennetts Magill Pottery, not too long before Mark Heidenreich started his ceramic journey. I spent approx. 10 yrs throwing for different companies, around South Australia, meeting up with Mark again at Aiston Park Pottery.

I worked for Laurie Touminen for 2 years, followed by various individual studio potters (as well as other odd jobs) before securing a position in Queensland. I started at‘ Alkoomi ‘ pottery, which supplied places like Yarra Glenn Pottery. After many months of trying to get a foot in the door, I finally succeeded in securing a position with the famous, (or infamous) Rudy Dybka in Four Winds Wangrove.

Mr Dybka had worked and studied in the Guggenheim, alongside Salvador Dali, so I received some invaluable experience during my 5 year tenure.

Upon my return to good ‘ol Adelaide town, while I was storeman at The Pug Mill and doing odd throwing work, I was struck with inspiration, and embarked on developing my own ceramic style. Having been a production thrower for most of my career, I seemed timely to head in new directions.

Once I found my inspiration, the creative juices started flowing, and after two years of mould making, sleepless nights and grumpy relationships, I had my very own unique style which I pursued until I was fortunate enough to attract the attention of Russell Starke at Greenhill Galleries. So after many years of molesting mud, I finally had my first exhibition. And in quite a well respected, established gallery.

Unfortunately, three weeks out from opening day, my Mother passed away. That was nearly six years ago. I still haven’t had my exhibition.

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