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Ric & Judy Pierce

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Ric and Judy Pierce Ric and Judy Pierce Ric and Judy Pierce

Business Name

One Tree Hill Pottery


PO Box 487

Town, State, Postcode

Beechworth VIC 3747


Functional Wares 
Copper Red Glazes



Artist Statement

Judy and Ric Pierce have been making studio ceramics for over 25 years with their output being their sole means of income for the last 22.

Judy has trained in visual arts obtaining a post graduate diploma from Monash University, while Ric trained in engineering (Mechanical – Sydney Uni and Industrial – Masters at NSW Uni) Together they have successfully built a wide network of retail outlets across Australia for their range of domestic and tableware.

They predominantly use very fine white stoneware clay because of its durability in use and its excellent colour response from the kiln. Tiny bowls to vases and huge jars, plates and dishes for food presentation, dinner sets of various shapes and colours, with sushi and pasta sets are an indication of the extensive range.

Colour is the primary focus after the basic function is fulfilled. They enjoy bright colours that stoneware temperatures can produce with care and glaze over glaze is the favored decoration method creating subtle hints of the surrounding landscapes. A full range is available from the Potters Shop, Beechworth.

Both Judy and Ric produce individual work along side of the standard range and this is gradually becoming more important. Having completed the "apprenticeship" they are able to create more artistic pieces now where communication is more important than function. These pieces are available through the Potters Gallery, Beechworth (upstairs in the Potters Shop).

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03 57281876     



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