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Liz Low

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Liz Low Liz Low Liz Low Liz Low

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Port Melbourne VIC 3207


Softly Thrown 



Artist Statement

A thrown form traditionally becomes a static, symmetrical object. However, the process of throwing moves naturally between solid and fluid states. In this body of work I concentrate on the fluid the plasticity of porcelain and the movement of water. Inspired by watery lines, I try to capture two dimensions of fluid movement: the horizontal play of wind on water in the ripple of the rims, and the vertical swirl of an eddy in the undulating body of the vessels. These dimensions can be encapsulated in a single vessel, but the line of a rim can also flow across the surface of a number of vessels. Likewise, the vertical curves in the body of one vessel can be made to resonate with that of its neighbour. The grouping of vessels is a natural development from this interest in fluidity and movement.

The pieces are reduction high fired. I like the idea that the rigours of the temperature and the flame in the kiln contribute to the organic plasticity of the forms.

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