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Ted Secombe

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Ted Secombe Ted Secombe Ted Secombe Ted Secombe

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240 Bleases Lane

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Dixons Creek VIC 3775


Crystalline Glazes 
Water Features
Large Vessels



Artist Statement

After 25 years at his potter's wheel, Ted Secombe says that making pots is more challenging now than when he first began, as his motivation is the purely the expression of his ideas and creativity. He has now developed a mastery of the medium that allows him to take his experimentation further than ever before. And the results are certainly awe-inspiring. Most of Ted's pots are over one metre tall and he may use up to 90 kilograms of clay in the making of one pot.

Ted likes to work with different shapes and now prefers much simpler forms, forms with the sense of an easy curve, 'like a brush stroke'. 'My inspiration comes when the clay is on the wheel and I am looking at the sensuousness of the curve,' he says.

Monumental beautifully formed vessels fill a place of importance in the viewer's imagination. I personally create vessels suited to both grand entrances like those experienced in International hotel lobbies and garden environments where natural elements like sunlight and raindrops can enhance alter or play with form and glaze.

Ted and his partner Ann have set up the luxury B&B Valley Guest House, where you can view the pots throughout the garden, suites and Ted's studio. His stately pots are now sold mostly in exhibitions, and Ted enjoys the outdoor exhibitions where the pots can be shown to advantage in garden settings.

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03 9730 1822     0419 572 882



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