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Lee Goller & Kirsty Manger

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Yum Design Yum Design Yum Design Yum Design

Business Name

Yum Design


2 Wilson Grove

Town, State, Postcode

Aspendale VIC 3195


Tableware, Dinner Sets 
Gardenware, Water Features
Original Ceramic art works


Porcelain and Porcelaineous stoneware
Earthenware, engobes and glazes
Sculptural clays

Artist Statement

Yum Design is a collaborative business between mother and daughter. Their joint work is the product of their different temperaments and backgrounds. Kirsty, with experience as a graphic designer and art director, has a strong sense of clean, strong form and colour. Finding time to work (amid the joys and demands of two tiny boys and a partner), she spends her working time designing and perfecting a growing variety of forms.

Lee, (an artist formerly working with a variety of media including printmaking, painting, collage and papier mache sculpture) is obsessed with the idea of the principle of contrast, of everything containing its opposite. To this end, she enjoys experimenting, combining form, colour and image, and exploring ideas.

Our work is functional as well as being individual and collectable; pieces of art work for the home and garden. Kirsty and Lee also work on commission – take orders, and will collaborate with clients in producing work to suit their personality and surroundings. Most of their domestic ware is porcelain or stoneware, and is dishwasher-proof and microwave-safe, unless specified as being purely decorative. They also make garden ware, including garden pots, sculptures and water features

The tableware pieces are an emotional and visual response to the landscape and growing things. The “Bamboo” ware being launched right now has carved rings suggestive of rings of growth. These rings are also designed to fit the bottoms of different and interchangeable objects – cups, mugs, bowls fitting on plates, and leaving room for spoons, biscuits and so on (like the “Tennis Sets” of earlier times. The glaze colours suggest aspects of landscape and times of day – sky, sea, day, night.

The speciality of “Yum Design” is producing sets of items in various colours and surfaces, so that clients can mix unusual colour combinations creating interest and surprise. Colours takes on their mood according to their relationship to the surrounding colours. Therefore, individual pieces can be chosen which either fit an existing environment, or add excitement through contrast.

Telephone Contacts

03 95801460 L     03 52615516 K



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