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Brian Keyte

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Brian Keyte Brian Keyte Brian Keyte Brian Keyte

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Brian Keyte


1 Boston St

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Ashwood VIC 3147





Artist Statement

As a former Mechanical Design Draftsman and Engineer, I guess it’s not surprising that I base my work on the old “form follows function” adage. The challenge, I find, is to push beyond this to an artistic level of eliciting an emotional response from the viewer, whilst at the same time still passing the Engineer’s “fit for use” test. To this end I use high fired porcelaineous stoneware clay for it’s mechanical qualities of durability, strength and impermeability and the artistic qualities one can achieve with copper and iron glazes at this temperature as well as the pure sounding ring of the vitreous body.

I like to combine my glazes in such a way as to emphasize the form of the piece. Forms are thrown as a “canvas” for the glaze in mind. Often I will combine two or more glazes so that the change in glaze colour or tone will occur in harmony with the change in profile of the piece. This effect intrigues me. If, as in nature, I use “counter shading” (light colour underneath) then, with top lighting, the underside of the piece can appear to be as well lit as the top, whilst direct side lighting can give the illusion of a more squat form. The darker glaze underneath however, gives a more pronounced effect to the form and emphasizes the effect of top lighting. This interplay between form, colour and light is what I hope will elicit that emotional response from the viewer.

The twin bonuses of touch and sound can also come into play when dealing with ceramics. The form, colour and surface texture can all ask the viewer to touch, even to listen to as the rim is lightly rapped. To this end I try to make my forms as pleasing to the hand and ear as to the eye and concentrate as much on the surface texture of a glaze as its colour. I do know that a buttery satin glaze on a rounded form always gets the pot picked up and/or stroked – something about human skin?

All the while though, these pieces retain a functional capability.

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03 9888 1014     0400 227 201



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