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Alistair Whyte

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Alistair Whyte Alistair Whyte Alistair Whyte Alistair Whyte

Business Name

Alistair Whyte Ceramics


80 Scotchmans Creek Road

Town, State, Postcode

Warburton VIC 3799


Functional, also decorative & sculpture 
Wheel thrown
Gas fired though occasionally wood fired


Fine porcelain using oriental techinque
Some raku

Artist Statement

I live in Victoria in the countryside surrounded by green mountain forests and rivers, a quiet peaceful environment to work in.

From my earliest memories I have loved beautiful things and have been surrounded by art.

I find clay very sensual especially the fine pure porcelains. It is probably the act of turning clay on the wheel that gives me the most satisfaction. As well, the challenge presented by a material such as porcelain that does not offer natural plasticity.

Then there is the meditative aspect of designing and carving the tools necessary in the making process. The patience that is learnt from making, drying, turning and finally firing a kiln. Sometimes a month from start to completion. The sense of having created an object of beauty. When you pick up a small blue and white bowl from the kiln, and the light shines through between your fingers...

I continue being challenged by this material and creating objects in clay. I hope that others can come to appreciate these things as much as I do. I don't work to a fashion but follow my own path of exploration. I still feel I have much to learn and feel humbled by the masterpieces of the past. Having lived and studied in Kyoto Japan, obviously, the Orient has played an influential role in my development thus far. However, my work has evolved a great deal over that time and now contains a lot more of myself in it.

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03 59665292     0422084728



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