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Sandra McHarg

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Dry Trees - Sandra McHarg Sea Shell Spirals - Sandra McHarg Close To Home - Sandra McHarg Apple Pelargonium Bowls - Sandra McHarg

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Clunes VIC 3370




Marbled Clays

Artist Statement

I grew up in Wodonga, Vic., spending a lot of my time on friends’ farms or out in the bushland and small towns around the area. I’ve always loved the feeling of being enclosed by the surrounding hills of the Upper Murray region.

Our current home in Clunes, central Vic. has a similar landscape of gently undulating hills- travelling into Ballarat we cross the tail end of the Great Dividing Range. I find the forms and colours of my surroundings being conveyed in my ceramics.

The “wide view” of hills and valleys, soft green in the cooler months and the oppressively beautiful straw dryness of summer, feeling so much like my country, my home, but carrying the silent threat of fire or drought.

The intimacy of my home garden, with the soft shapes of leaves and cup-like flowers. Digging over the garden and cutting through the strata of soil layers, similar but on a smaller scale to road cuttings that reveal the clay and rock hidden under the thin veneer of soil and vegetation. Remembered landscape of beach holidays with my family, and the different undulations of sand and sea; beachcombing for treasures, and peering into rockpools and caves.

Ceramics has a history of gaining local character through the use of local materials, something we are in danger of losing in this modern world of ready to use packaged materials. I enjoy connecting my work to its place of origin by incorporating locally collected materials. This includes blending or marbling locally dug clays into packaged processed clays, adding vegetable matter to the clay to burn away in firing, using my firebox ash, local ochres and clays as glaze ingredients, and the use of found objects as impressing tools.

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