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Dawn Whitehand

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Dawn Whitehand - ContaiNature Dawn Whitehand - Fossil Dawn Whitehand - Memorial Dawn Whitehand - Water Mushrooms

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Ballarat VIC 3350


Functional wheelthrown 
Sculptural wheelthrown textured glazes
Sculptural wheelthrown pit fired


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

"I believe that from this century forward

a potter must be an artist

and that non-industrial pots

will be judged as works of art."

(Bernard Leach)

Consequences of a modern industrialized society: mass production, polystyrene and tupperware, seems to have rendered the traditional utilitarian function of handmade pottery almost obsolete.

Society’s increasing reliance on the internet, and growing inhabitance of a cyberworld divorces people from community, contributing to a loss of participation in a three dimensional tactile world.

Where once handmade ceramics were the cornerstone of everyday society (which is why anthropologists are able to gauge a society by its ceramic relics) today’s mass-produced slipware and disposable containers will be our legacy to future scientists.

So what is the function of handmade ceramics in contemporary society?

The forms presented here are based on the vessel. By manipulating and enclosing these forms, and using textured and highly tactile surfaces perception is altered. The forms have evolved, becoming more organic, more contemplative.

The resulting pieces immediately engage the viewer by questioning traditional utility whilst suggesting a new function transcending utility.

A function of stillness and reflection. A form of soft, gentle undulations, shadow and light. Tactile surfaces, inviting touch......

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