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Jan Hornett

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Jan Hornett jan Hornett Jan Hornett Jan Hornett

Business Name


39 Tollington Rd

Town, State, Postcode

Bowen QLD 4805


Crystal Glazing 
Decorative and Functional
Mainly wheel-thrown



Artist Statement

Our garden is beautiful and entertaining to many visitors. It is open to all for a gold coin donation which goes to a local charity. Here I work and have a display area.
Up until the last 2 years I have mainly created stoneware functional pottery. I have always admired crystal glazing but always put off trying due to the known problems with it.
After having to buy a new electric kiln I decided to give it a go. Read a lot of info and set to it. Just love it now because of the challenge of developing my own glazes that will work for my clay in my kiln. So many variables to be tested. I am really pleased with the results I am getting now.

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07 4784 1866     



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