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Potters Online Internet Services

Potters Online offers a wide selection of web-related services to help you establish your presence on the internet. From fully inclusive packages providing complete website design, registration, hosting and management, through to supplying required elements individually, Potters Online is the place for all your website needs.

Website Design

Potters Online offers a range of website design packages for you to choose from. These options allow you to select a package that precisely suits your needs. Whether you want to be "hands-off', "hands-on", or somewhere in between, there is a package to suit you. Individually tailored packages can also be supplied if you have specific requirements.

Domain Names

Potters Online provides domain name registration at extremely attractive rates. Registration of a domain name gives you the exclusive right to the use of that name. You receive a Certificate of Registration and the relevant passwords that give you control of your domain name.

Click for a light-hearted look at the importance of choosing a domain name carefully.


Potters Online provides a range of hosting solutions to cater to your requirements. From small 'personal' webpages to larger, more complex structures there is a hosting package to fit your needs. All hosting packages include email, webmail, comprehensive statistics and many other features.
Potters Online webhosting is entirely housed on Australian-based servers.

Email Hosting

Potters Online makes it easy to have your own email address - even if you don't have your own website! Email Hosting provides a convenient solution allowing you to have your own email address, or set of email addresses if necessary.

"you@yourname.com.au" can be your own personalised email address now!

No more hassles with losing your email address because you have changed providers.
No more costly need to reprint all of your business cards and other stationery.
Email Hosting comes complete with plenty of storage space for your mail and bandwidth to receive it. Of course spam filtering and virus protection is included as well as Webmail, Forwarding, multiple email addresses and many other features.
Potters Online email hosting is entirely housed on Australian-based servers.

Inclusion in the Potters Online network

If you already have a website you can still enjoy many benefits of the Potters Online network. An abbreviated listing within Potters Online which links to your external website will enable you to be indexed, searched and viewed just like sites that are within the directory. Visitors will be able to click your link and visit your website for more comprehensive information. Of course a better alternative would be to move your site hosting over to Potters Online so that you can benefit from the rull range of features and discounts that are available.




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